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Given the prohibitive cost of technology and equipment associated with steel processing and manufacturing, some projects will require you to outsource the manufacturing process instead of taking on the capital investment to acquire new machinery or other resource capacity for production. 

Whether you need to upscale production, need excess production, or just looking to outsource, we allow you to focus on other areas of your business while taking care of production for you.


We aim to save you money throughout the production process by limiting material waste and reducing the logistical cost of production. 

Here are the top reasons for outsourcing fabrication and CNC work to Bryco Metals.

  • You Get Free Expertise of experienced operators, eliminating a significant investment in new personnel to program or operate machines.

  • Scaling Up Is Easier as outsourcing is an efficient way to scale up within a short period of time. Your business will be able to make more sales without significantly increasing overheads. 

  • Improved Quality Control through outsourced production is achieved since you can still use your own quality control processes too, which means you effectively double-up on checking the quality of the parts or products being made. 

  • Faster Production Cycles allows you to bring products to market more quickly and give you a massive edge over your competitors. By using CNC machines to produce your products, you can be sure that the items are consistently accurate and allows you more flexibility when it comes to making any changes to parts and products.

  • Decrease Material Waste from the prototype stage right up to the finished product with fewer negative environmental impacts. Decreased material waste enables your business to save money through the environmentally friendly production policies we deploy.

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